We’re bridging divides to ensure peace for all Floridians. Supported by The Carter Center, the Sunshine 100 welcomes leaders from across the political spectrum, from every corner of the state, and from every walk of life.

The Sunshine 100 is for dedicated leaders and community members who want to improve the quality of our democracy and who agree with our three principles.

What We Stand For


Voters and organizations can participate in the network, telling candidates to lead by example to help restore trust in elections. Network members will promote peaceful resolution of disputes and differences through constructive engagement, share proactive messaging that promotes accurate information about our elections, and counter acts of intimidation through dialogue, conflict-sensitive communication, and rapid response planning.

  1. Committing to truth in our politics
  2. Engaging peacefully with our fellow Americans
  3. Supporting our electoral democracy

Principles for Trusted Elections

Sunshine100 members will help mobilize support for the Principles for Trusted Elections. Launched in 2022, the nationwide, cross-partisan initiative asks citizens, organizations, and public officials to uphold five core principles of democratic elections. The Principles are:

  1. Integrity
  2. Nonviolence
  3. Security
  4. Oversight
  5. Peaceful transfer of power

As the 2024 Election approaches, our aim is to push back on partisanship by getting citizens in every state to support these principles. Leaders from across Arizona's political spectrum are collaborating with the Arizona DRN to support these principles.

State of Florida Senior Advisors


Kurt Kelly


Kurt Kelly is the CEO and President of the Florida Coalition for Children, a statewide advocacy organization representing over 80 child welfare agencies. Kelly is also a small business owner for over 20 years and is a Business and political consultant. From 2007-2010, Kelly served as a member of the Florida House of Representatives. He is recognized as a subject matter expert on Florida's unique community-based care model. He holds a Masters in Adult Education and Administration from the University of South Florida and a BS In Political Science from Florida State University. Kelly also completed Post-Graduate Work in Theology at Southeastern Theological Seminary.

JWebb Headshot

Jennifer Webb


Jennifer Webb builds businesses, networks, and organizations to solve some of our communities' most complex problems. A former State Representative of Florida's 69th district and an anthropologist by training, Webb’s policy and praxis areas are the intersection of workforce and economic development; sea level rise, water quality and infrastructure; community (behavioral) health and wellness, and applied ethics, public trust and democracy. She is published and gives trainings and talks in these areas. Regardless of the subject, Webb specializes in bringing people and sectors together across difference to create lasting change. Web graduated summa cum laude from USF in public anthropology with concentrations in bioanthropology and cultural anthropology, and summa cum laude from LSU with majors in History and Anthropology and minors in French, Dance, and African-African American History. She lives in Gulfport, FL with her spouse, Cynthia, and their dog, Bailey.


Lisa Lorenzo


Lisa Lorenzo is a highly passionate and dedicated community leader who actively drives meaningful change through her engagement in campaigns and organizations that deeply resonate with her values. She directs her efforts towards collaborative work with women within faith-based communities, aiming to effect tangible and transformative outcomes. As a 13-year breast cancer survivor, Lorenzo has embraced a wholehearted commitment to support and raise awareness for women engaged in the battle against this disease. Through her dedication and  personal mentoring, she has made a positive impact on the lives of numerous individuals confronting a diagnosis. Additionally, Lorenzo’s decade-long experience as a board member of Agape Ministries Network, empowering the healing journey for survivors of sex trafficking and women overcoming addiction has significantly shaped her core principles of resilience, compassion, and relentless advocacy for justice. Complementing her role as a community leader, she has faithfully led Bible studies and prayer groups for over 3 decades, extending guidance and spiritual support to several dozen women, many of whom are esteemed leaders in the community.

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